Our Vision is…to be the best and most efficient producer of oyster larvae and seeds by continuously searching for excellence in the quality of our products and by developing new businesses together with our clients.

Our Success... is based on well-known research and development activities that have allowed us to generate improvements in the quality of our species. This same philosophy has allowed us to adopt new species and enter new markets, surpassing the expectations of our clients and satisfying the growing worldwide demand for shellfish.

Our main operation... is located in the Province of Elqui

Since 1982, our hatchery has been located in Tongoy, 450 kilometers north of Santiago, in a coastal zone that is far from big cities, which together with the area’s exceptional weather provides optimum conditions for shellfish farming. The cold, clean waters of the Humboldt Current, rich in nutrients and pollution free, allow us to offer oyster larvae and seeds with optimum growth potential, certified against any pathology, year around.

Las Gaviotas s/n - Bahía de Tongoy
Coquimbo - IV Región - Chile
Telephone: (56-51) 391268 ó 391131
Fax: (56-51) 391260
Email: cultimar@tongoy.com